We Speak Linux is a place for Windows Administrators and Developers to gather and learn about Linux. WSL was started by a group of SQL Server DBAs interested in increasing community knowledge and awareness of the Linux operating system. Through community driven presentations, blog posts, and peer support, WSL hopes to allow more administrators and developers to comfortably make the transition to Linux.  Our hope in launching this website is to bridge the gap between the knowledge Windows administrators have of Linux and therefore provide them the skills to implement Linux systems in their shops.  By providing these free webinars we hope to grow a community of learn.

We have also created a Slack channel for our community so we can talk, get help, and share our knowledge. Come join us there as we build a community of people who want to speak Linux.

If you are interested in a particular topic let us know or could present a topic email us to let us know.

This site was started by a group consisting of the following people:

  • Tracy Boggiano (b | t) is a Database Superhero on a team of awesome DBAs and specializes in performance tuning and HADR technologies with 20 years experience.  Early on before SQL Server 2017 was RTM she identified the need mainly due to her lack of Linux skills for current SQL DBAs and Windows administrators to learn Linux. The idea of the site was born out of that need. The SQL community has various virtual groups to help meet the needs to learn SQL and there is no single place to gather to learn just Linux.  So We Speak Linux was born and expanded to have an online community in the form of Twitter and Slack as well. Before looking at her Twitter account be warned she likes the hashtag #oncallselfie.
  • Brian Carrig (b | t) is a Microsoft Certified Master of SQL Server and manages a team of talented DBAs at leading e-commerce cloud solutions provider ChannelAdvisor. In a previous life, Brian spent some time as an academic and holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science. He is a native of Dublin, Ireland but now lives with his wife and two daughters in Cary, North Carolina.
  • Kevin Feasel (b | t) is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP and Engineering Manager of a Predictive Analytics team, where he specializes in T-SQL and R development, fighting with Kafka, and pulling rabbits out of hats on demand. He is the lead contributor to Curated SQL and a contributing author to Tribal SQL. His favorite distribution was Mandrake because it was the first one where sound card support worked out of the box. Nowadays, he generally uses Elementary and Ubuntu. A resident of Durham, North Carolina, he can be found cycling the trails along the triangle whenever the weather’s nice enough.
  • Anthony Nocentino (b | t) is an Enterprise Architect, Founder and President of Centino Systems, Pluralsight Author, and Microsoft Data Platform MVP. Anthony is only satisfied when he finds the right technology resolution for his client’s business needs. He designs solutions, deploys systems and provides expertise on systems performance and architecture. Anthony has a Masters in Computer Science and is working towards a Ph.D. focusing on high performance/low latency data access algorithms on solid state disks.
  • Mark Wilkinson (b | t) is a Database Wizard, father of four, and Wannabe-Linux-Administrator working and living in Raleigh, NC. He has been working with SQL Server for over ten years and specializes in performance tuning, monitoring, and diving into internals. Mark is a big Linux nerd having used Linux as his main desktop OS since the late 90’s when he ordered a set of Red Hat disks from eBay. His current favorite distribution is Fedora, but he has also used Slackware, Gentoo, Debian, and Ubuntu. His favorite moment in his Linux history is the first time he did a fresh install and didn’t have to remember modelines or how to get his printer working. In his free time, he mostly tries to keep up with his kids, but he also blogs about SQL Server, Linux, and a variety of other topics, and also speaks regularly at SQL community events.