Our Next Webinar is Experience SQL Server on Linux and Containers By Bob Ward


Is it possible that SQL Server now runs on Linux? In this session, we’ll cover the details of deploying and running SQL Server on Linux, including Red Hat, SUSE and Ubuntu. We’ll go over the internals of the architecture and the unique aspects of using SQL Server on Linux. Also covered will be how SQL Server has embraced Docker containers, providing new scenarios not seen before with virtual machines, including support for Kubernetes and CI/CD pipelines. The session will be full of demos showing how to make the move to using SQL Server on Linux and Docker containers. I’ll also be talking about the future of SQL Server on Linux in this session.


Bob Ward is a Principal Architect for the Microsoft Database Systems Group, which owns the development for all SQL Server versions. Bob has worked for Microsoft for 25 years on every version of SQL Server shipped from OS/2 1.1 to SQL Server 2017 including Azure. He has worked in customer support as a principal escalation engineer and Chief Technology Officer (CTO), interacting with some of the largest SQL Server deployments in the world. Bob is a well-known speaker on SQL Server, often presenting talks on new releases, internals, and performance at events such as SQL PASS Summit, SQLBits, SQLIntersection, and Microsoft Ignite. You can find him on twitter at @bobwardms or read his blog at https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/bobsql.

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