Our Next Webinar is Securing Linux 101 By Alex Long


Many, if not most of us, have one or more things that we have inherited responsibility for in which we have little to no expertise in.  The instinct is to leave these things alone for fear of breaking them.  This often leads to unmitigated vulnerabilities and increases risk to the organization.  In this webinar, we will discuss where to get started with securing a Linux server.  We will discuss managing the Linux firewall, automated patching, service hardening, and other topics as time permits.


Alex has been an “Everything Admin” for most of his career, primarily in small to medium sized business (50-200 people) and responsible for applications, servers, databases, networking, and security.  So he well familiar with having to manage things that he have little to no experience with. Currently, he works as the IT manager of a Tulsa based software company.

Alex is a GIAC Certified Unix Security Administrator, and is involved in the Oklahoma chapter of the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA).

Alex is also a home brewer and home mead maker and is active in the Fellowship of Oklahoma Ale Makers.

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