We Speak Linux Announcement!

Welcome to We Speak Linux!

We Speak Linux (WSL) is a place for Windows administrators, developers and anyone who might be curious to learn more about Linux to gather and learn about Linux. WSL was started by a group of SQL Server DBAs interested in increasing both theirs and the community’s knowledge and awareness of Linux based operating systems. Through community driven presentations, blog posts, and peer support, WSL aims to enable those unfamiliar with working with Linux operating systems to become more familiar with doing so. The central philosophy of launching this website is to help bridge the gap between people familiar with working with Linux and people who typically work with non-Linux based operating systems like Windows. By providing free webinars from both new and established speakers, we hope to grow a community that will learn together and support each other as we learn together.

To sign up for our upcoming webinars click here.

We have created a Slack channel for our community so we can talk, get help, and share our knowledge. Join us there as we build a community of people who want to speak Linux. To join Slack click here.

We already have an excellent line-up of speakers for the next few months as you can see on the events page.

To sign up just, use the form in the right-hand column to provide your name and email.

If you are interested in a particular topic, let us know or could present email us.

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