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  • Thu

    Calculating "top 10" lists in Bash (and how I used bash to hunt a virus) by Thomas A. Limoncelli

    12:00 PM - 1:00 PM ESTWebinar

    Tom will explain how to use Bash to gather information, generate frequency charts (how many times does something appear), and other metrics. He'll show how he used these techniques many years ago as he hunted down a virus/worm that was infecting his company.

    Tom first learned about shell programming in 1984... 3 years before he had access to a Unix system!

    He is the SRE Manager at and internationally recognized co-author of books such as the newly updated Volume 1: The Practice of System and Network Administration, 3rd Edition. He is also known for Time Management for Sysadmins and Volume 2: The Practice of Cloud System Administration.

    He is an internationally recognized author, speaker, system administrator, and DevOps advocate.

    He's previously worked at small and large companies including Google, Bell Labs/Lucent, and AT&T.

    His blog is and he tweets @YesThatTom.

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